Traditional Outreach

I have been working as a STEM Ambassador since 2017, volunteering at different outreach events and going into schools. I have worked alongside Ambassadors in Cardiff volunteering at Brain Games 2019 and delivering BBC Microbits workshops in schools in 2019. In the last two years I’ve been collaborating with The Bathematicians at events such as Maths Inspiration Bristol 2019, and am hoping to work with the Royal Institution to help deliver Maths Masterclasses in 2022.


In May 2021, I started streaming on Twitch, and as such my twitch channel, KatDoesMaths was born. Twitch is a platform that allows people to livestream to a public audience with an interactive chat function. Typically the platform is used for streaming games, but more and more people are finding ingeneous new ways to utilise the platform. As such there is an ever growing community of Science Communicators on the platform. Personally I use the platform to showcase my life as a PhD student, practise my outreach talks and get people passionate about mathematics. It is content that is unedited, authentic and allows a question and answer style interaction between myself and the audience. I currently aim to stream at least three times a week, but would love to be able to increase that number. At the minute I have three main types of streams:
  • Pomodoro Co-working Streams - these are some of my favourite (not just because they're the most productive). During these streams I will usually share what I'm working on in the PhD at the minute, allowing people to ask questions and see what the day-to-day life of a PhD student actually looks like.
  • Office Hours - These streams I've been using to work on science communication by mixing between going through exam papers, and having outreach talks. Currently wee've been looking at the summer 2019 A Level WJEC syllabus, and have completed Unit 1, and Unit 2 past papers on stream.
  • Puzzle Games - Okay so these ones are definitely more similar to the typical content on twitch, but I can't say no to the occasional video game so why not make it educational, everybody loves a good puzzle!

Other places to see my face

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some really wonderful people and collaborate with them. Check out this interview I did with Meg over at Girls Who STEM for her “Women in STEM Wednesday” series in Sept ‘21.

In October I spent a few days showing Dr Simon Clark around to give him an inside of my day-to-day life for his “PhD Stories” series of videos, it was so much fun to film and was great to get him over on a stream!