Kat Does Maths


I currently stream three times a week on my twitch channel KatDoesMaths

Whilst I love the more traditional methods of science communication, and will take any opportunity to get involved in outreach events, I wanted to join the ever-growing community of science streamers on twitch. I find that twitch provides a unique opportunity to have less formal science communication, where there is no constraint on time limit or objective to be met, and the conversation between educator and audience can be more organic and cover topics in a manner that is not necessarily suited to a formal video or lecture. That’s not to say I don’t want to bring some of the traditional rigor to my twitch stream - I’d love to do an occasional lecture every now and then, for my benefit as much as yours, since I am hoping to use the platform to not only share my passion for mathematics, but also improve how I get that point across.

Since I’m also supposed to be doing a PhD right now, I’m only streaming three times a week (subject to life getting in the way)

  • Tuesday & Wednesday Pomodoro Study with me streams - these are chill streams where we work together (alongside eachother rather than in collaboration) using the Pomodoro technique which consists of 25 minutes studying, with 5 minutes break. It’s just like being in a library, except everyone is listening to my music choice (which is always going to be LoFi HipHop). Usually you can see what I’m working on and get a glimpse into the work of a PhD student.

  • Friday Office Hours - These are an opportunity to come and ask any maths questions you may have. Obviously the higher up the education system, or further away from applied mathematics you go, the less I will be able to help, but I’ll give it a try! To fill in the gaps, and to provide some entertainment, I also use these streams to go over past papers. Some of the papers I’ve done so far have included the actual exams I sat back in 2014!

I have more ideas of potential streams, including (but not limited to) lecture-style streams, puzzle games, drunk maths, interviews, and more. The best way to keep track of what and when I’m streaming is either by following me on twitch or I post regular updates on twitter.