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A guide to Bullet Journaling

10 minute read


I’ve been using a Bullet Journal for three years now, and over that time I’ve definitely changed my style around to try and adjust to what worked and what didn’t. This page is an overview of how I set up my most recent journal for the academic year Sept ‘21 - Aug ‘22. Feel free to use any ideas or inspiration from these pages in your own journal!

Dual Booting my laptop

6 minute read


My thoughts and rambles as I set about dual booting my laptop. Also first attempt at a blog-type thing so don’t expect anything wonderful. However if you do want to try and dual boot from windows this is a pretty much a comprehensive how-to guide. Enjoy!

St Davids Day Cawl

1 minute read


For anyone looking for a good cawl (welsh lamb and vegetable stew) recipe here’s the one my mother taught me, you can’t beat home cooking!




Kat Does Maths

I currently stream three times a week on my twitch channel KatDoesMaths

Whilst I love the more traditional methods of science communication, and will take any opportunity to get involved in outreach events, I wanted to join the ever-growing community of science streamers on twitch. I find that twitch provides a unique opportunity to have less formal science communication, where there is no constraint on time limit or objective to be met, and the conversation between educator and audience can be more organic and cover topics in a manner that is not necessarily suited to a formal video or lecture. That’s not to say I don’t want to bring some of the traditional rigor to my twitch stream - I’d love to do an occasional lecture every now and then, for my benefit as much as yours, since I am hoping to use the platform to not only share my passion for mathematics, but also improve how I get that point across.


Circles and Primes and Squares Oh My!


A Presentation for the Postgraduate Seminar Series on the Gauss circle problem and counting the number of integer solutions to the equation $x^2 + y^2 = n^2$.


Past Teaching Experience

Undergraduate courses, University of Bath/Cardiff University, 2019

I have been an undergraduate tutor since 2019 when I was in my final year of my undergraduate Masters degree at Cardiff University. I now tutor alongside my PhD at the University of Bath. You can find a list of modules I’ve tutored below.

Private Tuition

Tutoring, , 2021

Private tuition for Maths students, from KS3 to Undergraduate level, but predominately GCSE and A-level students taking Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

Current Subjects

Undergraduate courses, University of Bath, 2021

This section contains structural information about the running of my current modules. There are also condensed notes meant to supplement the running of the courses.


Tutoring, , 2022

The Resources and notes provided on this page are my own work and are to be used for private study only. They are not for resale. If you would like to support my work you can provide a donation here