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A guide to Bullet Journaling

10 minute read


I’ve been using a Bullet Journal for three years now, and over that time I’ve definitely changed my style around to try and adjust to what worked and what didn’t. This page is an overview of how I set up my most recent journal for the academic year Sept ‘21 - Aug ‘22. Feel free to use any ideas or inspiration from these pages in your own journal!

Dual Booting my laptop

6 minute read


My thoughts and rambles as I set about dual booting my laptop. Also first attempt at a blog-type thing so don’t expect anything wonderful. However if you do want to try and dual boot from windows this is a pretty much a comprehensive how-to guide. Enjoy!


St Davids Day Cawl

1 minute read


For anyone looking for a good cawl (welsh lamb and vegetable stew) recipe here’s the one my mother taught me, you can’t beat home cooking!